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Class of 2013 heads toward future

It is about time for the Kings High School Class of 2013 to spread its wings and fly, launching out from Kings Mills and heading to all corners of the country for the next step in their lives: college, work, the military ... life. The Knight Times, for its annual Senior Edition, has compiled data from the entire senior class to see exactly where everyone is headed. Click on the map to reach the interactive feature, and see where your friends and neighbors are going next. This is our final issue of the year. Thank you for all of your support in 2012-2013, and come back in September for more coverage of the Kings community as a new staff of KHS students takes the reins. >MORE


Senior Wills: Bequeath Away
Part of leaving high school is leaving behind a legacy. The current seniors were asked to fill out a “Senior Will,” leaving behind something important to them with someone who is important to them after they leave high school. This is what they had to say. more
If I knew then, what I know now
As the Seniors of 2013 end their final year of high school, they look back at freshman year and think about what they would’ve changed or done differently. Wisdom comes with age, but you can't go back. Here is what the seniors had to say. more
Where will you be in next five years?
Kings seniors were asked to fill out a survey asking many questions about the past four years. One of the things they were asked was where the see themselves in five years. Will you still be in school ? In the work force? more


Senior Field Day 2013

For their last official day of school the Class of 2013 cleaned out their lockers then headed to the football stadium for Field Day. Teams competed in events such as wiffle ball, kick ball and Raging River. >GALLERY





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Ah, the memories: What's your favorite?

High School is a time when you grow as a person, make unforgettable friends and forge memories that will last forever. Although the Class of 2013 will scatter around the country for the next stage of their lives, they will always have one thing in common: the experiences they had at Kings. Here are some favorites that they shared with The Knight Times. more

Kids Club helps students leave legacy

High School has always been tied to the phrase, “The Best Days Of My Life.” A time where students, growing adults, learn to make memories, build relationships, and cherish each moment they are given. Kings High School, partnered with the Columbia Intermediate School, gives high school students the opportunity to make those lasting impacts through the program Kids Club. more

Seniors: What will you miss the most?

There are many things that people miss about high school, whether it’s their friends, their teachers or even school events. Graduating is of course a happy time for seniors, but it’s also a sad time, knowing you may never see these people – people you’ve spent many years getting to know – ever again.more








This 20-minute video tribute to the KHS Class of 2013 was shown at the Baccalaureate event Thursday evening at Christ's Church of Mason. Click the video to view, or follow the link below.




Summer is here! And this summer seems to mark an especially big season for movies. The Knight Times asked the Class of 2013 which movie was their favorite from the past year, and which summer movie they are anticipating most. Here are the results, with plenty of preview trailers.




Students Elect New Leaders

Student Council elections are now complete, and the Kings student body has chosen its new leaders for the 2013-2014 school year. Incoming Senior Katie Gould (above) will serve as student body president, with Matt Fowler as her vice president. Click the link to see a full list of class representatives.




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